About Cheryl

Creating fresh, inspiring spaces that bring her clients’ visions to life is at the heart of Cheryl Underwood’s passion for remodeling and design.

When you first catch a glimpse of her work, you’ll sense her careful attention to each of the elements that transform a space into something exceptional—her sophisticated minimalism, the balance of colors and textures, the airy, natural elements that are characteristic of her style. You’ll also notice her focus on functionality, shaped by Cheryl’s own down-to-earth nature and an understanding that homes are made for energetic living (which, as a mother of five, Cheryl experiences firsthand!).

Cheryl has always been drawn to art and design, and her passion for creating inspired spaces was fully ignited early in her relationship with her now-husband, Scott Underwood (former lead drummer of Train), when she took the reigns on remodeling Scott’s prior home. This experience revealed an innate gift for design led by instinct—a natural ability to create fresh, light spaces that caught the attention of renowned home designer, Anthony Tinghitella, who soon became her design mentor as she delved into the industry full time.  

Today, Cheryl’s philosophy is informed by the same clean, refreshing aesthetic, a Zen-like balance of natural elements paired with her detailed and intuitive eye for holistic design. She loves helping her clients feel they’ve arrived at an entirely new, invigorating space from the moment they step into their redesigned home, providing them with a sense of calm, relaxation and wholeness.

Cheryl is skillfully designing and remodeling properties throughout Southern California, Nashville, and nationwide, and she’d love to chat with you about bringing your vision for your home to life.




"Cheryl Underwood epitomizes what is to be original and creative in design. It was an honor to work alongside her during the construction of her project. Her ability to go against the grain and think outside the box allows her to create spaces that stand out from the crowd.”

- Kyle Johnson, President, Seed Landcare Inc., Costa Mesa CA